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21 October 2011 @ 11:24 am
Members Only  
This Community is Members Only. Click "join community" to become a member and see the posts.

banner by pmd, please do not snag

Please note that only livejournal accounts will be accepted as members here. Facebook, twitter, tumblr, googleplus and the like will not be accepted as members even if you are using OpenID to join. If you would like to join please create a livejournal account.

If you are a livejournal account and find yourself rejected please check that your account has been verified with livejournal (there will be an email sent to you with a link to click on to confirm that you are not a bot) livejournal does not allow non verified accounts to be added to communities. Additionally check that your message settings are open or that you have an entry where the moderators can comment in case they need to contact you for any reason.

If your journal is brand new with a default layout, no posts and your message settings are disabled the mods will assume that you are a bot and reject you. You can remedy this by enabling messages or posting an entry that is public with commenting enabled. The mods will not spam you with messages or comments but it is important to be able to reach you if something comes up.

These guidelines are to protect the community from being overrun by spambots.
Thank you!
•ʝeии•: Custom ▫ Personal ▫ Spending My Nights Wmurdershewrote on October 21st, 2011 06:25 pm (UTC)
Is this supposed to be locked/viewable to members only? :)
Lorelei: Char(DIS)- Tigger yucklaurahonest on October 21st, 2011 07:13 pm (UTC)
no it isn't, thanks for pointing that out, fixed now :)
0_rollergirl: Diner Kiss0_rollergirl on October 23rd, 2011 09:58 pm (UTC)
OMG! Absolutely LOVE the new look of this journal! So sweet and beautiful!!! I just love Pixel Peach. :D

Love from Rollergirl
baudefofuras.blogspot.com on February 12th, 2012 06:02 pm (UTC)
Lovely site <3
Hello Amanda,Lorelei,Kate and Bunny. I'd like to know if you guys have freeware monthly siggies. I don't do pixels but i love and collect them.

My e-mail: loffler_05@yahoo.com.br

My site: http://baudefofuras.blogspot.com
Lorelei: Mod- pixel peachlaurahonest on February 12th, 2012 07:02 pm (UTC)
Re: Lovely site <3
nope we don't do siggies at all here. All we provide is the raw pixels for graphics makers to use.

There are many communities in our profile and on our communities of interest tag that provide free siggies, blinkies and icons made with the pixels shared here. You will need to have a livejournal account to join them though.
morganhorvathmorganhorvath on August 15th, 2014 04:53 am (UTC)
Re: Lovely site <3
Hi! I'm using my account through Twitter, so I have to make an account thro email to joni fully?
morganhorvathmorganhorvath on August 15th, 2014 04:53 am (UTC)
Re: Lovely site <3
Hi! I'm using my account through Twitter, so I have to make an account thro email to joni fully?
Lorelei: Disney- mad about Disneylaurahonest on August 15th, 2014 05:01 am (UTC)
Re: Lovely site <3
Yes you do have to create an account on livejournal to join here. It is a pretty easy process.
Bobbi BellBobbi Bell on March 17th, 2013 08:01 pm (UTC)
I would like to join due to I am starting a TCG and looking for graphics. A friend of mine told me about your site and linked me to your page. My TCG is called Tankobon: A Manga TCG.

Edited at 2013-03-17 08:03 pm (UTC)
Lorelei: Mod- pixel peachlaurahonest on March 17th, 2013 08:05 pm (UTC)
Re: Joining
You are welcome to join but you will have to create a livejournal account first.
auriiannaauriianna on March 17th, 2013 08:35 pm (UTC)
Re: Joining
I had, it with FB, I just couldn't remember if I signed up for this site since my computer crashed last year. This is my Account Name Auriianna.
Lorelei: Mod- pixel peachlaurahonest on March 17th, 2013 08:38 pm (UTC)
Re: Joining
We no longer allow non livejournal accounts to join the community. We can't contact them if there are problems or if something is shared by accident that should not be shared. I will approve your livejournal account though :)
auriiannaauriianna on March 17th, 2013 08:51 pm (UTC)
Re: Joining
Baniita: Yullenbaniita on April 23rd, 2014 03:04 pm (UTC)
Hello. This account username used to be myntebuu. I seemed to have been booted out after I changed my name?
Lorelei: Mod- pixel peachlaurahonest on April 23rd, 2014 03:16 pm (UTC)
welcome back, I just approved you. Not sure how you got kicked, I haven't done a members clean up in over a year but welcome back anyway!
MISS JUSTINE.here on January 12th, 2017 08:59 am (UTC)

hello! my old journal was italic (blinkie comm is lumosed) and this is my new one. may i please get an invite? thank you so much!
Lorelei: Under the sealaurahonest on January 12th, 2017 02:56 pm (UTC)
welcome back to lj!
gelatinveinsmoth bot on May 18th, 2017 06:47 pm (UTC)
I made a journal entry so hopefully you know I'm human.
Lost access to my old LJ account (circa 2011). But I'm back now. Huzzah.

Edited at 2017-05-18 06:48 pm (UTC)
Lorelei: Mod- pixel peachlaurahonest on May 18th, 2017 06:57 pm (UTC)
Re: Whoops
But the account you are commenting with is a google+ account. It goes to google+ when we try to access your journal and we can't send you private messages. We need to be able to send private messages to our members or leave comments on a journal entry in case of a problem and we can do neither of those things with your current open id account. You will need to create an actual livejournal account not using your google+ open id in order for the mods here to be able to reach you.
gelatinveinsgelatinveins on May 18th, 2017 07:08 pm (UTC)
Re: Whoops
Geez, weird, I didn't realize that's what I was doing when I logged in via Google. Sorry.

Edited at 2017-05-18 07:16 pm (UTC)
Lorelei: Mod- pixel peachlaurahonest on May 18th, 2017 07:28 pm (UTC)
Re: Whoops
This makes so much more sense! Welcome to the community :)

ps. love that Tyki avatar!