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Pixel Peach

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All Members , Moderated


This is a community for sharing pixels and other graphics.
Feel free to share backgrounds, dividers, banners, buttons, memos, dolls, templates... anything you want! As long as it's a graphic of some kind, that does not require credit, and it's behind an LJ cut, you should be fine.

Looking for a specific pixel?
Check out the TAG list!

Try a few variations of what you're searching for. For instance, apples could be under fruit; snakes could be under reptiles.
We use a hierarchical tag system here so there are categories and subcategories. For example cats are found under animals; cats and palm trees are found under nature; trees: palm trees.

Still can't find it? Don't hesitate to ask.

All images should go behind a cut.
Don't know how? Read this. (Blinkies/signature graphics are exempt.)

Absolutely, Positively, No Hotlinking!
Not sure what hotlinking is? Just make sure you save pixels to your own computer and upload them to your own photobucket or other host, and you're in the clear. =)

Requests for pixels and graphics are fine.
Requests for blinkies and custom graphics with your name are not.

When requesting pixels used in custom graphics, get permission first.
You need permission from the maker & the owner.

NEVER rip apart a custom graphic or blinkie.
It's near impossible for us to know if the pixels used in graphics were modified by someone & are no longer freeware, so it's simply not allowed.

No posting pixels from paid pixel sites.
I know sometimes it may be hard to recognize paid pixels apart from freeware, so if you're not sure, please double check this page and/or ask a mod before posting.

No harassing contributors regarding the pixels they share.
If you are the maker of a pixel that needs to be removed,
please contact the owner of Pixel Peach.

Be kind and respect others!
Any problems, just let a mod know!


cuppykate corpusdeliicti

We do not claim to have made the pixels here, so no need to credit us.

Link back to us & help spread the peachy-ness!
Instructions for using the buttons are below.

How to use these buttons & banners:

1. Right-click & save the image of your choice to your own computer.
2. Upload the image somewhere (photobucket, for instance).
3. Copy this code and replace BUTTONURL w/ your own url.

4. Paste the new code anywhere you like. We recommend your LJ profile!

If you want to make buttons or banners to promote this community, we'd be super appreciative!

generated by sloganizer.net

moonshinefaerie; boxes by hisescape

daintybellas pumpkinpixels
Have a graphics community and want to be an affiliate?
Just leave a comment with your community button here.

Take a moment to recognize the people who contributed something to the community. You guys are awesome and very appreciated!

Buttons by telishanecole, hiswifeylove, evilmindedone, tanny_belle, holycrapliz, colleenmarie, goth_batafurai, snuddles, velociraptorx, bipolar_babe, nienna_weeper, x6_bury_me_9x, waya_adanvto, taru_sama, das_porno_uke, cuppykate, hesmyanchor, niftybabe313, & theladymaggie

Cute Kawaii Banner made by creamiicandy.

Profile headers created by royaltie.

Base layout code by street_of_mercy, customized for us by justduchess.

Special thanks to the following sites, for allowing us to use some of their super cute pixels!

TABLE CREDIT: hiswifeylove @ cutecute_icons